Magic Cello - Carpe Toys

Music Boxes and Instruments

Check our Music Boxes and Instruments, bringing you both a challenge and a beautiful melody!

Romantic Wall clock - Carpe Toys

Mechanical Wooden Models

Enjoy our puzzles and bring more joy to your home with our useful mechanical models made in wood.

Marble Night City - Carpe Toys

Marble Run

Our kits include various puzzles to complete and you can see the marble running through the maze indefinitely

Engineering Vehicles

Open the paves of your play with our engineering vehicles. Learn more about building while constructing your plays!

The Globe - Carpe Toys

Educational Models

Sometimes learning can happen outside the library! Geography, History and much more now very close to your reach, discover the secrets that history has for you!

Scout Beetle - Carpe Toys

Mechanical figurines

Steel and metal meet puzzles and insight! Learn how to build working mechanical figurines (beetles nonetheless!) and spread their wings in the world!

Wooden Vehicle Models

From the depths of the ocean with submarines to the glory days of steam locomotives, these models provide a window into the past. As you assemble these timeless creations, you'll not only appreciate their aesthetic beauty but also gain insights into engineering and history.

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