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Luminous Globe

Luminous Globe

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Number of Pieces: 180

Assembly time: 4.5h

Difficulty (0-6): 4.0

Appropriate age: 14

Size: 167*203*293mm

Certificate: CE

Warnings: Not for children under 3 years

Illuminate your space with the Luminous Globe, a captivating night light that brings a stylish atmosphere to any room. Experience a 360° exploration of the world with its panoramic view. Inspired by the scientific sages of the past, this globe is transformed into a retro model, combining educational attributes with exquisite home decoration.

Discover the magic of the Luminous Globe as it recreates the traditional manual globe-making process. With its intricate gear system and tilting sphere, the globe comes to life. Explore the richly detailed map and magnify cities at different latitudes using the integrated magnifying glass. The warm light emitted from the compact globe adds a cozy touch to your evenings.

Enjoy the assembly process with our detailed instruction book and accompanying video guide. Exercise your brain, develop logic thinking, and enhance fine motor skills. This hands-on experience brings a tremendous sense of accomplishment that you can proudly share with friends and family. Discover the joy of the Luminous Globe today!

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