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Sakura Forest

Sakura Forest

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Number of Pieces: 340

Assembly time: 6h

Difficulty (0-6): 4.0

Appropriate age: 14

Size: 180*110*240mm

Certificate: CE

Warnings: Not for children under 3 years


Experience the magic of Tokyo streets in spring with the Sakura Forest, a delightful DIY 3D wooden book nook kit meant to be crafted by your own hands. As you complete this enchanting project, it will unveil a serene scene of Tokyo during the blossoming season. This book nook serves as exceptional home decor, whether adorning a bookshelf or any other room in your space. It truly comes to life when illuminated with warm lights in a darkened setting. Moreover, it's not just a creative endeavor but also a tool to stimulate imagination and bolster creativity, making it a wonderful hands-on gift for both kids and adults.

Key Details:

  • Captivating Tokyo Scene: Craft the Sakura Forest book nook to reveal a picturesque representation of Tokyo streets enveloped in the beauty of spring. The attention to detail captures the essence of cherry blossom season, transporting you to a tranquil urban landscape.

  • Pre-Colored Design: Many parts of this book nook kit come beautifully pre-colored, eliminating the need for painting. However, some elements may be customized with your own creative paint ideas, allowing you to put a personal touch on your creation.

  • Specifications:

    • Materials: One-millimeter cardboard, two-millimeter wood board, and translucent PE sheet paper for the tram. Corrugated paper for the bookstore's tiles. 3D water ripple transparent PET material for the river.
  • Important Notes:

    • The package includes crucial information that should be retained for future reference.
    • Adult supervision is recommended when children assemble the kit to prevent any risk of swallowing small parts.
    • The product requires 2 AAA batteries (not included) for its lights.
    • Due to customs policy, glue and batteries may not be included in the package.

Experience Tokyo's Tranquil Beauty: Witness the tram slowly gliding over the iron bridge, framed by the stunning cherry blossom trees. The tram itself is meticulously crafted from a combination of one-millimeter cardboard, two-millimeter wood board, and translucent PE sheet paper to capture its intricate details.

The riverside bookstore comes to life with dual lighting, emanating warm, cozy illumination both inside and out. The corrugated paper tiles offer a realistic yet simple appearance, creating a layered and vivid contrast of materials.

To achieve an authentic river effect, a 3D water ripple transparent PET material is used, allowing the river to shimmer under the gentle glow of light, delivering a breathtaking visual impact.

The Sakura Forest book nook kit not only offers a delightful craft but also transports you to the serene streets of Tokyo in spring, where cherry blossoms and creativity abound.

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