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Número de peças: 218

Tempo de montagem: 8 hours

Dificuldade (0-6): 5.0

Idade apropriada: 14

Tamanho: 17 x 6.8 x 9.8 cm

Certificado: CE, EN71

Avisos: Not for children under 3 years old

3D Metal Puzzle Model Kit - High-Performance Sportbike: An Enthusiast’s Dream

Fuel your enthusiasm for motorcycles and precision modeling with the exhilarating 3D Metal Puzzle Model Kit of a high-performance sportbike. Tailored for modelers and motorbike aficionados alike, this kit provides an intense and satisfying assembly experience that mirrors the thrill of owning a real sportbike.

Designed for Precision and Realism:

This model kit comes with 218 precisely engineered parts, each pre-colored to reflect the dynamic and sleek aesthetics of a sportbike. Rated at a challenging level 5 out of 7, it offers a gratifying building journey, from the initial setup to the final assembly, without the need for painting. The vibrant and realistic finish ensures that your completed model looks authentic and eye-catching.

Features of the Model Kit:

  • Intricate Details: Capture the essence of speed and elegance with a model that boasts exact replicas of a sportbike's sleek lines and intricate components.
  • Engaging Assembly: Dive into a hands-on building experience that tests your skills and patience, perfect for hobbyists who love a good challenge.
  • Decorative Masterpiece: The completed sportbike model acts as a stunning display piece that will command attention on any shelf or desk, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship and passion that went into its creation.
  • Educational Value: Gain a deeper appreciation for motorcycle engineering and aerodynamics through interactive assembly, enhancing both your mechanical understanding and dexterity.

Ideal for Motorbike Enthusiasts and Model Builders:

This sportbike model kit is an excellent choice for anyone passionate about motorcycles or modeling. It provides not just a building experience but also a chance to immerse oneself in the technical beauty and advanced engineering of sportbikes.

Kit Contents and Tools Required:

  • Pre-Colored Metal Sheets: Each piece is designed for a seamless fit, ensuring a smooth assembly process without the need for additional finishing.
  • No Glue Required: The precise engineering of the parts allows them to snap together securely, maintaining the model's integrity and appearance.
  • Tools Recommendation: Precision tools like tweezers and small pliers are recommended to manipulate and place the small, detailed parts accurately.

Experience the Thrill of the Build:

Assemble your own high-performance sportbike and revel in the process of bringing together each component to form a masterpiece of metal art. Whether you're a seasoned builder or new to the hobby, this sportbike model kit promises to provide a fulfilling and enjoyable challenge.

Embrace the challenge, indulge in your passion for speed, and let this sportbike model kit be a testament to your dedication and love for motorbikes. Order now and start your journey into the captivating world of high-performance motorcycles.

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