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Thundering Wings

Thundering Wings

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Número de peças: 215

Tempo de montagem: 10 hours

Dificuldade (0-6): 5.0

Idade apropriada: 14

Tamanho: 20,1 x 9,3 x 16,5cm

Certificado: CE, EN71

Avisos: Not for children under 3 years old

3D Metal Puzzle Model Kit - Thundering Wings: Guardian of the Skies

Soar into action with the Thundering Wings 3D Metal Puzzle Model Kit, a dynamic and visually stunning representation of a futuristic guardian equipped to protect the planet. Designed for those who revel in the thrill of science fiction and advanced engineering, this model combines intricate mechanics with the majestic aesthetic of angelic wings.

Advanced Design and Heroic Features:

Thundering Wings is not just a model; it's a symbol of aerial supremacy and protection. Equipped with holy wing flying devices that resemble angel wings, this guardian can navigate and dominate both land and air. The turbines embedded in the wings create high-speed air vortexes capable of disorienting enemies, adding a strategic advantage. Armed with a laser gun for precise attacks and a bulletproof shield for defense, this model embodies the perfect balance of offense and defense.

Features of the Model Kit:

  • Iconic Wing Design: The standout feature is the angel-like wings, which not only provide an aesthetic appeal but also incorporate functional turbines for creating air vortexes.
  • Detailed Weaponry and Defense: Equipped with a laser gun and a bulletproof shield, the model offers a realistic approach to the dual capabilities of attack and defense.
  • High-Quality Construction: Made from precision-cut metal pieces, the kit is designed to fit together seamlessly, resulting in a durable and impressive model.
  • Interactive Play: Once assembled, Thundering Wings can serve as both a collectible and an interactive toy, showcasing its features through imaginative play scenarios.

Ideal for Collectors and Sci-Fi Enthusiasts:

This model kit is perfect for advanced builders who have a passion for robotics, military technology, and science fiction themes. It provides an engaging build experience that challenges both creativity and technical skills.

Kit Contents and Assembly Details:

  • Metal Sheets: Several sheets contain all the necessary parts, each designed for easy removal and assembly.
  • Illustrated Instructions: The kit includes a detailed instruction manual that guides you through each step of the construction process, ensuring clarity and ease of assembly.
  • No Glue Required: The interlocking design of the pieces means that no glue is necessary, maintaining the model's aesthetics and structural integrity.

Construct and Display Your Aerial Protector:

Building the Thundering Wings model is an adventure in mechanical construction and design, culminating in a striking figure that stands out in any collection. The combination of detailed mechanics and the ethereal appearance of the wings creates a unique display piece that symbolizes protection and power.

Take on the challenge of assembling Thundering Wings and revel in the satisfaction of bringing this aerial guardian to life. Display it proudly as a centerpiece or integrate it into dynamic play scenarios to fully appreciate its design and capabilities.

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