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Under the Sakura Tree

Under the Sakura Tree

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Número de peças: 209

Tempo de montagem: 20h

Dificuldade (0-6): 3.0

Idade apropriada: 14

Tamanho: 23*11*18 cm

Certificado: CE

Avisos: not for children under 3 years old

Here's the formatted description for your product, the "Cherry Blossom View" Book Nook:

Dedicated to Bringing Poetry and Faraway Places Home

Becoming a friend connecting reality and dreams, making Book Nook a participant in your good life!

Cherry Blossom View Book Nook:

  • Scenic Serenity: Immerse yourself in the tranquility of a cherry blossom scene. Walk under blooming cherry trees, accompanied by a Shiba Inu, past quaint blue tile houses, with soft sunlight shimmering through the petals.
  • Spring in Full Bloom: Experience the essence of spring as cherry blossoms dance in the breeze. Enjoy the sight of petals fluttering and the delicate scent of cherry blossoms filling the air.
  • Culinary Delights Under Cherry Trees: Savor fine wine and delicious food as you watch the cherry blossoms sway, creating a perfect spring day memory.

Product Specifications:

  • Detailed Colored Instructions: Each kit includes easy-to-follow, colored instructions in English, ensuring a smooth assembly experience.
  • Interactive Elements: Feel the breeze and the scent of cherry blossoms with creatively designed, interactive components that enhance the sensory experience of the Book Nook.

DIY Crafting Experience:

  • Build and Bond: Engage in the creative process of building your own Cherry Blossom View. This Book Nook kit requires DIY assembly—perfect for crafters who enjoy grinding, bonding, and modeling.
  • Materials: High-quality materials ensure durability and a beautiful display upon completion.

Product Tips:

  • Glue and Batteries Not Included: Due to air transport restrictions, silicone liquid glue and 2 pcs AAA batteries are recommended but not included. Please prepare these materials in advance to complete your Book Nook.

Capture the Essence of Spring with the Cherry Blossom View Book Nook. This beautiful and interactive display brings a piece of poetic spring right into your home, making it a perfect addition for those who love nature, tranquility, and DIY crafting.

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