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The Princess Carriage

The Princess Carriage

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Anzahl der Stücke: 216

Assemblerzeit: 8 hours

Schwierigkeitsgrad (0-6): 5.0

Angemessenes Alter: 14

Größe: 18 x 7 x 10cm

Zertifikat: CE, EN71

Warnungen: Not for children under 3 years old

3D Metal Puzzle Model Kit - Princess Carriage: A Symbol of Elegance and Romance

Embark on a royal adventure with the 3D Metal Puzzle Model Kit of the Princess Carriage, a stunning representation of the opulent carriages that have long been a symbol of nobility, power, and wealth in Western culture. This intricately designed kit allows you to recreate a piece of the grandeur associated with British royal weddings and fairy tale romances, making it a perfect gift for those who are fascinated by royalty or enjoy the symbolic beauty of historical transportation.

Regal Design and Ornate Details:

The Princess Carriage model is crafted with precision, reflecting the lavish design elements typical of carriages used in royal processions. Comprising 216 brass pieces with a vibrant multi-color overprint, the model captures the intricate decorations and elegant structure that make these carriages a centerpiece of any royal or ceremonial occasion.

Features of the Model Kit:

  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Each brass piece is meticulously designed to fit together flawlessly, creating a detailed and durable replica of a princess carriage.
  • Vivid Detailing: The multi-color overprint on the brass pieces enhances the visual appeal of the carriage, highlighting features like ornate wheels, elaborate frameworks, and decorative motifs.
  • Historical and Cultural Significance: Building this model offers a connection to the traditions of royal ceremonies and the fairy tales that symbolize romance and happiness.
  • Engaging DIY Experience: This kit provides a fulfilling challenge for hobbyists and model enthusiasts, enhancing skills such as precision, patience, and attention to detail.

A Decorative Masterpiece:

Upon completion, the Princess Carriage model serves not just as a hobby project but as a striking decorative item that embodies elegance and romance. It's perfect for display in any setting that appreciates royal decor or historical artifacts.

Perfect Gift for Enthusiasts and Collectors:

Ideal for those who love the intricacies of model building or have an affinity for royal history and fairy tales, this Princess Carriage model kit makes an exceptional gift. It combines the joy of DIY crafting with the beauty of a bygone era, resulting in a piece that is both visually stunning and historically resonant.

Build, Admire, and Cherish:

Assemble your own Princess Carriage and immerse yourself in the artistry and romance that these magnificent carriages represent. Whether as a creative project, a collector's item, or a decorative piece, this model kit promises a rewarding experience and a beautiful representation of regal splendor.

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