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Crescent Blade Armour

Crescent Blade Armour

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Aantal stukken: 155

Assemblagetijd: 10 hours

Moeilijkheidsgraad (0-6): 6.0

Passende leeftijd: 14

Grootte: 12.5 x 4.5 x 16cm

Certificaat: CE, EN71

Waarschuwingen: Not for children under 3 years old

3D Metal Puzzle Model Kit - Crescent Blade Armor: The Ultimate Space Warrior

Prepare to build one of the most formidable armored fighters in the universe with the Crescent Blade Armor 3D Metal Puzzle Model Kit. This model is designed for enthusiasts of futuristic warfare and advanced technology, offering a construction experience that combines intricate detailing with robust design.

Advanced Design and Strategic Features:

The Crescent Blade Armor is a cutting-edge fighter armor, equipped with high-performance propulsion systems and top-level weaponry, designed to dominate space battles. Its sturdy outer armor provides exceptional defensive capabilities, while the wing-shaped flying devices on its shoulders enable agile movement through space. The model also features a potent artillery fire system positioned on its chest and waist, symbolizing its immense power.

Features of the Model Kit:

  • Detailed Construction: The kit includes precision-engineered parts that replicate the advanced technology and powerful aesthetic of the Crescent Blade Armor.
  • Dynamic Weapons: Equipped with the Skybreaker and Crescent Scimitar, this model reflects the armor’s versatility and destructive power, making it a formidable opponent in any simulated battle scenario.
  • High Mobility Design: The inclusion of wing-shaped devices on the shoulders highlights the armor’s ability to maneuver swiftly and efficiently in space, a critical feature for outmaneuvering opponents.
  • Impressive Size and Presence: Once assembled, the model stands out with its striking design and detailed weaponry, making it a standout addition to any collection of military or space-themed models.

Ideal for Modelers and Sci-Fi Fans:

This model kit is perfect for advanced builders looking for a challenging project that also serves as a spectacular display piece. It’s particularly appealing to fans of sci-fi and futuristic combat, offering a tangible way to explore themes of advanced warfare and technology.

Kit Contents and Assembly Details:

  • No Glue Required: Like all high-quality metal model kits, this one is designed to fit together seamlessly without the need for glue, resulting in a clean and durable construction.
  • Illustrated Instructions: Detailed, step-by-step instructions guide you through the assembly process, ensuring a rewarding and enjoyable building experience.

Engage in Futuristic Warfare:

Assembling the Crescent Blade Armor is not merely about building a model; it's about creating a symbol of futuristic warfare. Each component is designed to reflect the sophistication and power of modern combat technologies, providing not only a challenging project but also a profound appreciation for the complexities of space warfare technology.

Unleash the Power of Crescent Blade Armor:

This model kit invites you to dive deep into the world of advanced military technology and space combat. Build and display the Crescent Blade Armor as a testament to your skills and as a celebration of futuristic technology. Whether for personal satisfaction or as a gift for a fellow enthusiast, this model promises to be a captivating adventure from start to finish.

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