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Legend of Mulan

Legend of Mulan

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Aantal stukken: 298

Assemblagetijd: 8h

Moeilijkheidsgraad (0-6): 3.0

Passende leeftijd: 14

Grootte: 23 * 11 * 18 cm

Certificaat: CE

Waarschuwingen: not for children under 3 years old

Mulan: The Legend Comes Alive in 3D Puzzle Form

Dive into the legendary tale of Mulan with this intricately designed 3D puzzle kit, where every piece tells a story of bravery, sacrifice, and love. This model kit invites you to recreate pivotal moments from Mulan's life, celebrating her journey from a dutiful daughter to a revered warrior and back to her roots as a cherished family member.

Design Inspiration and Emotional Narrative:

The Mulan 3D puzzle kit captures the essence of Mulan's saga through various detailed scenes. Each set piece reflects a significant chapter of her story:

  • Before the Battle: Mulan stands before her wardrobe, donning her armor with a poignant glance at her dress, symbolizing her last connection to her previous life.
  • The Farewell: Experience the touching moment as her father, with tears in his eyes, dresses her in armor, encapsulating their uncertain goodbye.
  • Years of Valor: Mulan weaving by the window, her expression laden with the weight of impending decisions, and later leading troops into battle, disguising her true identity to protect her father and serve her country.
  • Triumphant Return: After a decade of battles, Mulan returns home, declining royal honors in exchange for simple peace, reuniting joyfully with her family.

Features of the Puzzle Kit:

  • Richly Detailed Components: Over 350 pieces bring to life Mulan’s world, from the intricate armor to the serene home setting.
  • Interactive Elements: LED lights enhance the scenes, from the glow of the battlefield to the warmth of her home, adding depth and emotion to the assembled model.
  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted with precision, ensuring durability and a stunning display.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Features a snap-together design that minimizes the use of glue, aligning with eco-friendly practices.

Ideal for Fans and Collectors:

This kit is perfect for those who appreciate legendary tales, intricate crafting, or historical narratives. It’s a great way for families to connect over a shared activity, for history buffs to explore ancient Chinese culture, or for anyone seeking a meaningful project.

Kit Contents and Assembly Details:

  • Comprehensive Package: Includes detailed instructions, battery box, wires, and decorative accessories to enhance the storytelling.
  • Dust Cover: A slot-insert design helps keep the model protected and dust-free.
  • Warm Touch Switch: Adds a glowing effect to the assembled scenes, creating a lifelike display.

Build and Experience the Legend:

Assembling the Mulan 3D puzzle is not only a creative endeavor but also an immersive way to relive Mulan’s story. Each segment of the kit allows builders to step into her shoes, experiencing her courage and determination firsthand.

Display and Inspire:

Upon completion, the model serves as a stunning tribute to Mulan’s heroism, ideal for display in any home or office. It’s a conversation starter and a source of inspiration, reminding all of her enduring spirit and the timeless lessons of her story.

Note on Accessories:

Please note that the kit requires two AAA batteries, and due to customs policies, batteries and glue might not be included. Be prepared to purchase these separately if needed.

Embrace the spirit of Mulan with this captivating 3D puzzle kit, where every piece and every scene tells a story of bravery, resilience, and honor.

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