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Magic Pharmacist

Magic Pharmacist

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Aantal stukken: 282

Assemblagetijd: 15h

Moeilijkheidsgraad (0-6): 3.0

Passende leeftijd: 14

Grootte: 23 * 11 * 18 cm

Certificaat: CE

Waarschuwingen: not for children under 3 years old

Magic Pharmacist Model Kit: Brew Your Own Enchantment

Dive into a world of mystical concoctions with the Magic Pharmacist Model Kit, a uniquely designed set that brings the art of magic and potion-making right to your fingertips. Ideal for those who cherish fantasy and the idea of magical growth, this kit allows you to create a scene where potions and spells make anything possible.

Enchanting Design and Mystical Features:

This kit beautifully captures the essence of a magical apothecary, where a mysterious black cat reads spells, stirs potions, and awakens dormant powers. The Magic Pharmacist is not just a model; it’s a gateway to an incredible world of adventure, featuring broomsticks, magical mirrors, and the limitless potential of potion-making.

Features of the Model Kit:

  • Dynamic Scenes: From adventures on broomsticks to the careful preparation of magic potions, each aspect of the model is designed to spark the imagination.
  • High-Quality Materials: Utilizing premium components, the kit includes everything needed to build a detailed and vibrant magical scene.
  • Interactive Elements: The model features a new LED light system with a touch switch, enhancing the magical ambiance with illuminated details.

Ideal for Fantasy Lovers and Creative Builders:

Perfect for enthusiasts of fantasy literature, movies, or anyone who enjoys crafting and storytelling through model building. This kit provides not only a fun and engaging activity but also a finished product that’s a conversation piece.

Kit Contents and Assembly Details:

  • Comprehensive Package: Includes 282 components, battery box, wires, and colorful paper accessories to bring your magical scene to life.
  • Innovative Assembly: Features socket wiring for concealed setup, ensuring the model’s aesthetic is not compromised. The Falcon mou snap technology allows for snap assembly, reducing the need for glue and promoting environmental conservation.
  • Detailed Color Manual: Equipped with 3D three-dimensional tip instructions, making the assembly process straightforward and enjoyable.

Build, Play, and Display:

Assembling the Magic Pharmacist model is an adventure in itself. Stir magical bubbles, assist the black cat with spells, and journey through mirrors to unknown worlds. Once completed, the model serves as a stunning display that brings a touch of magic to any room.

Transform Your Space with Magic:

Let the Magic Pharmacist model kit refresh your home or office with an element of fantasy and creativity. It’s more than just a model; it’s a portal to a world where every potion is a pathway to new realms, and every spellbook holds the secrets to personal strength and happiness.

Note on Accessories:

Please note that the product requires two AAA batteries, which may not be included due to customs policies. Also, check for the inclusion of glue if needed for minor detailing. Embrace the role of a Magic Pharmacist and discover the power of your own creativity as you build and bring to life your very own enchanting apothecary.

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