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Sky dominator

Sky dominator

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Aantal stukken: 489

Assemblagetijd: 10 hours

Moeilijkheidsgraad (0-6): 6.0

Passende leeftijd: 14

Grootte: 20 x 19.5 x 22.3cm

Certificaat: CE, EN71

Waarschuwingen: Not for children under 3 years old

3D Metal Puzzle Model Kit - Sky Dominator: Master of the Aerial Realm

Take your model building to new heights with the Sky Dominator, a formidable aerial warrior known for ruling the skies with unmatched speed and power. This 3D Metal Puzzle Model Kit is designed for those who thrive on complex, challenging projects that result in spectacular display pieces.

High-Tech Design and Superior Capabilities:

The Sky Dominator boasts a multitude of advanced features, including blade-shaped armor on its head for protection and an advanced photosensitive imaging system for enhanced visibility. Sensor radars on each side can detect energy fluctuations up to a thousand miles away, providing the Dominator with the strategic advantage of striking enemies at lightning speed. Its thunder cannon, capable of unleashing powerful electric shocks, and the wings on its shoulders for swift aerial maneuverability, make it a feared presence in any model collection.

Features of the Model Kit:

  • Detailed Components: With 489 pieces, this kit challenges builders to meticulously assemble each part, creating a highly detailed and dynamic figure.
  • Dynamic Pose and Functionality: The Sky Dominator's design includes functional elements like a thunder-source fusion device in its core, capable of simulating a devastating thunderstorm attack.
  • High Challenge Level: Rated at the highest difficulty, this kit is meant for experienced modelers looking for a project that tests their skills and rewards them with a masterpiece.
  • Impressive Size: Standing 22cm tall upon completion, the Sky Dominator is designed to be a striking addition to any display, embodying the power and majesty of a ruler of the skies.

Ideal for Advanced Modelers and Sci-Fi Enthusiasts:

This kit is perfect for serious hobbyists who enjoy science fiction themes and complex constructions. The Sky Dominator combines intricate mechanical design with the lore of futuristic warfare, making it a captivating project for anyone fascinated by the potential of advanced technology in aerial combat.

Kit Contents and Assembly Details:

  • Illustrated Instruction Manual: A comprehensive 70-page manual guides you through each step of the assembly process with clear, detailed illustrations, ensuring a smooth building experience.
  • No Extra Materials Needed: True to Piececool's commitment to convenience and quality, no glue, paint, or solder is needed to complete the model, allowing for a clean and satisfying construction process.

Engage in the Ultimate Building Experience:

Building the Sky Dominator is not just about crafting a model; it’s about engaging in a creative process that challenges and excites. Each piece is designed to fit perfectly, ensuring that the assembly not only tests your skills but also results in a highly detailed and robust model that captures the imagination.

Unleash the Power of the Sky Dominator:

Embark on this challenging build and discover the satisfaction of creating one of the most powerful aerial warriors in the model world. The Sky Dominator is more than a model; it's a testament to your dedication and skill, ready to dominate the skies of your collection.

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