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Spirit Bull

Spirit Bull

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Aantal stukken: 204

Assemblagetijd: 10 hours

Moeilijkheidsgraad (0-6): 6.0

Passende leeftijd: 14

Grootte: 13 x 11 x 20cm

Certificaat: CE, EN71

Waarschuwingen: Not for children under 3 years old

3D Metal Puzzle Model Kit - Spirit-Bull Mecha: A Symbol of Power and Precision

Embark on an exhilarating building journey with the Spirit-Bull Mecha 3D Metal Puzzle Model Kit, designed for experienced modelers and enthusiasts of military robotics. This kit combines the raw power of a mechanical bull with the advanced weaponry and agility of a modern battle mech, offering a detailed and dynamic construction experience.

Robust Design and Advanced Armament:

The Spirit-Bull Mecha is equipped with a formidable arsenal, including a machine gun, a rocket launcher, and strategically placed wings for enhanced mobility. Its powerful body, controlled by an advanced tactical computer, allows for precise and effective combat scenarios. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the components are designed to capture the intricate details and formidable presence of this battle-ready mech.

Features of the Model Kit:

  • Dynamic Weaponry: The inclusion of a machine gun and rocket launcher emphasizes the mecha's role on the battlefield, providing a realistic and immersive building experience.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Wings mounted on the mech enhance its maneuverability, reflecting the innovative design elements that allow it to excel in combat.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made from stainless steel, the model pieces are both durable and elegantly finished, ensuring that the assembled mech is not only a display piece but also a long-lasting model.
  • Impressive Stature: Standing at 20cm tall when completed, the Spirit-Bull Mecha commands attention and admiration, making it a standout addition to any collection.

Ideal for Advanced Builders and Sci-Fi Collectors:

This model kit is perfect for those who appreciate detailed craftsmanship and are fans of sci-fi and military themes. It provides a challenging build that rewards patience and precision with a spectacularly detailed model that embodies the power and technological advancement of mecha warfare.

Kit Contents and Assembly Details:

  • Four Stainless Steel Sheets: The model's components are delivered across four sheets, each featuring intricate designs that fit together seamlessly.
  • Illustrated Instructions: Detailed instructions guide you through each step of the assembly process, making even the most complex constructions manageable and enjoyable.
  • No Glue Required: The precision-engineered parts are designed to interlock securely without the need for adhesives, ensuring a clean and robust build.

Engage in Tactical Construction:

Building the Spirit-Bull Mecha is a transformative experience, from interpreting the detailed instructions to piecing together each component. The process not only fosters a deeper understanding of mechanical design but also culminates in the satisfaction of completing a complex and powerful mecha.

Showcase Your Skill and Passion:

Once assembled, the Spirit-Bull Mecha serves as a testament to your modeling skills and your passion for high-tech warfare. Display it proudly among your collection to spark conversations and admiration for its intricate design and symbolic power. Whether building for fun or as a dedicated collector, the Spirit-Bull Mecha is a challenging and rewarding project that mirrors the innovation and strength of modern combat technology.

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